You may perhaps consider to pack everything yourself for your move. Now consider for a minute that we offer partial or complete packing services, as well as unpacking at your destination!

The main advantage of our packing and unpacking service, partial or complete, is to shorten the amount of time you will spend living in your boxes, which really helps your quality of life as much at your departure point than at your destination!

We will quickly accomplish this work which may spoil your life for many weeks… and in complete safety. You will be told about potential fees without surprise.* In every case, we will provide wardrobe boxes and plastic covers for the mattresses.

Please tell us what you would like us to pack for your move. Your fragile and precious goods? We are specialised in transportation-related packing. Some of yours goods may require more complicated packing, like a marble table for example. In this case, we will use a crate designed especially for it. All your goods are packed individually using the right packing material to make sure everything is protected.

*Tell us about any unusual objects (piano, coffers, patios, etc). Please tell us about the number of flights, the presence or absence of an elevator.

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