Laurin Express Ltée intervenes at several stages of your logistics chain.

You will find with us a specialisation of the supply chain in logistics and distribution for different industries: outsourcing for large enterprises at peak periods, storage and stock management for companies with online stores, import-export and distribution for startups.

Supply chains

1. Custom offices merchandise collection

Our trucks collect the merchandise imported through different points of entry, such as the Mirabel airport and Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau airports, the port of Montreal and the American border. At our arrival, the duty must be paid for the merchandise.

2. Commercial storage and stock management

Our warehouses, the main ones located in Laval, are heated, safe and optimised for merchandise storage. Our staff takes into account your inventory by article and manages the returns. We make sure to use your merchandise space as well as possible to help you save costs.

3. Laurin Express Ltée pre-assembly

According to your needs, our staff can prepare lots from your inventory before proceeding to the delivery or providing you with a space for your own pre-assembly.

4.Merchandise distribution in store

Our truck fleet takes care of the delivery and distribution of your merchandise to your clients, residential customers, distributors, stores or franchisees.


With more than 100,000 square feet of storage, Laurin Express Ltée offers you an exceptional service at very competitive rates for all our services:

  • Consolidation and de-consolidation of maritime containers
  • Inventory and distribution service
  • Inventory follow-up software
  • Cross-docking services

If your transportation providers are from the outside, the bills of lading are duly examined before our signature. You will obtain a digital inventory and a regular communication follow-up.

  • Merchandise reception – verification of documents
  • Orders preparation – specific documents
  • Expedition – Bills of lading – Meeting – Respect of deadlines
  • Customs assistance service
  • Customs helpdesk

For our client, we prepare the order and clearly identify it before transmitting it to our delivery service or a transporter of your choice.


Laurin Express Ltée takes care of the delivery and distribution of your merchandise to your customers, distributors, stores and franchisees.

We work with remarkable clients: : Ressources Distributeur / EBI / Hydro-Quebec / Metro et several dry food producers.

A success signed Laurin Express Ltée : Ressources Distribution

Ressources Distribution imports furniture from abroad to resell them to retail stores or online stores of the largest North American wholesalers. At first, they rented a commercial storage space with Laurin Express Ltée of only a few pallets. Our staff was responsible for preparing the orders and delivering them to the retailer.

Now, after 5 years, thanks to their efforts and Laurin Express Ltée’s services, Ressources Distribution uses about 25,000 square feet of storage. The commercial relationship between Laurin Express Ltée and Resources Distribution is still going strong, which allows us to always offer our services to manage their more frequent orders and the returns on their large sales volume.

You are looking for a partner to your success that foster company growth while limiting your risks? Laurin Express Ltée can be your logistics and distribution partner!

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