Merchandise transport service

With Laurin Express Ltée, commercial division, you will receive special attention. Truck transportation is one of our specialties and also represents the most reliable and flexible way to transport your goods to different collection points to your clients, providers, franchisees, distributors, stores or residential clients.

Your company can also benefit from Laurin Express Ltée’s warehouse to store your inventory in whole or in parts to free your own warehouses.

The diversity of our services is aimed at answering ever growing expectations:

  • Transportation, complete or broken lots
  • Specialized transportation
    • Fork lift
    • Logistics straps
    • Air suspensions
    • Blanket Wraps
    • Specialized handling
    • Heating / cooling


You will find with us a large selection of trucks that will allow you to determine which fits your transportation needs the best:

  • Trucks and trailers with controlled temperature
  • Trucks with double floors
  • Trucks with floor anchoring
  • Truck with logistics straps
  • Trucks with a fork lift
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Container frame
  • Drays
  • Lowered flatbeds

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