Corporate moving on long distance

For moving your offices or your operations, you need our service of corporate moving on long distance. You will obtain a free quote with clear terms and explanations. You can count on our engagement to avoid bad surprises and to clearly display our fares, without any hidden fees. The only surprise will be the unbeatable value for money! Since the costs will be known in advance, it will be easier for you to plan your move.home-v1-slider-02

Whether you install your offices or operations to any destination, you will obtain:

  • the handling of your goods with the same protections,
  • the service of movers specialised in long-distance, trained with high standards
  • the equipment adapted to your corporate moving on long distance needs
  • the respect of our contracts on fees and schedules.

Laurin Express Ltée takes into account 3 factors to determine the cost of your corporate moving on long distance :

  1. Total weight of your expedition
  2. Distance to cover
  3. Delivery period

If you provide us with a complete list of furniture and boxes for your corporate moving on long distance and that this form is duly filled and respected on moving day, the price will not vary more than 10%. During the process, you’ll receive a free visit of our estimator or a link to built your list easily.

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